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“My Own When Harry Met Sally”

I don’t know many Americans and I have only visited the country once, but so far I have always liked them. You have to admire their enthusiasm, confidence and zing. Something about that bigness they seem to project into much of their culture. Big hair, big square jawlines on the men as well as the

Valentine Card
Miss Catana - Our BoatPopular

Miss Catana – “Our Girl of the Ocean”

Buying our boat will be a life changing experience. Similar to having a baby, now we must wait. Our new girl will be ours in June 2014. If you know nothing of the boat we have purchased let me paint the picture Vital  Statistics Name: “Miss Catana” Brand: Catana Catamaran Architect: Christophe Clever Barreau Nationality: French

Miss Catana
Miss Catana - Our Boat

“Its Nice To Be Popular”

Popularity is a tricky item. Hard to gain, hard to hold onto and even harder to measure. So I did sit up and take notice when I ran across a poll where you could vote for the type of catamaran you would choose if price was not an object. It would appear that the French

The Practical How to Stuff

“What A Strange Site This Is”

A couple of people have asked me what this part of the site is all about, one has even suggested strange. Basically I thought it would be cool to have in one place  “how to guides, what we did, or are doing” on all manner of things and then share the practicalities. For instance currently

Hylas 56

Hylas – the Monohull World Cruiser

It was hard not to like the Hylas. Early on in our search Hylas was on our radar, I was yet to convince the Captain that two hulls were better than one, but I too liked the look of these sleek sexy tailored boats. Plus Hylas has the world cruiser firmly in their sights as there

Fishy Tales
Kiss the Fish with the Miss

KISS THE FISH – The Interview Questions

Welcome to KISS THE FISH, the place you get to kiss the fish and tell your tale. Nothing is as interesting as the story behind the people, the product, the boats the design, the how we get from destination A to B to D. YOU are invited to share your story with the great big world,


“How to Sell Your Boat to Me or Others”

Last week Handy Patrick told me about the customer that was ready to purchase their demo Catana and instead last minute purchased the new Leopard 44. Patrick was suitably horrified not because he thinks the Leopard is a bad boat, more to the point he thinks the Catana is such a good boat, plus he