“Sorry Am I Boring You?”

Am I boring you by chance, are you here by mistake or are you actually interested in what I have to say? I ask the question as my big  sister tells me this is all quite boring… “Really!” After sending her my latest thoughts via an email (this is pre finished website) she promptly responded to

EWD Bird

“The Process of Buying a Boat – Step Two”

I had butterflies in my tummy, felt queasy and unwell and  I was yet to get on board! To say I was nervous was an understatement. Today was major play and like pregnancy could be a game changer. Today was a day fraught with emotional danger. At risk was my heart as I already knew I

post blog

“The Process Of Buying A Boat – Step One”

It is simple – all you have do is make a decision… It’s decided, we fly to Queensland, look at the boat/s again and with fresh eyes, review the figures and look at the offer and decide if we buy new or continue on our search for second hand. We will walk away on Friday

Tim master 2

“Dear Tim Master of Finance & All Things Sensible”

Good Advice is Gold! The Captain and I were fortunate some time ago to engage the services of a  financial adviser to assist with our dream of sailing away.   Our most pressing questions to Tim have always been: 1. Can we afford to buy a boat and sail away 2. What would our budget


“An Interesting Offer…From Old to New”

Buying a boat is such a big decision you can understand why it actually stops people from taking any action at all when it comes  time to buy. The options, the motivations and the considerations are huge and all have a major impact on your future. Plus this  it is such a new out there